Fruits in Blox Fruits [UPDATE 20.1] - All Fruits Guides + Info ⭐ (2024)

In this fascinating world inspired by the universe of One Piece, fruits play a crucial role in the power and abilities of pirates. The fruits in Blox Fruits are known for granting players special and unique abilities that allow them to face challenging battles, explore incredible scenarios, and experience exciting adventures on the high seas.

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In the following guide we show you all the fruits that we can find in the game and a guide on how to get them Will you be lucky enough to find any?

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Common Fruits in Blox Fruits








Uncommon Fruits in Blox Fruits

Rare Fruits in Blox Fruits





Legendary Fruits in Blox Fruits











Mythical Fruits in Blox Fruits












How to Get the Best Fruits from Blox Fruits for Free:

Unavailable Fruits in Blox Fruits

Each fruit in Blox Fruits is unique, and players have the opportunity to discover and acquire different types of fruits during their journey. These fruits can provide amazing abilities, from the ability to control elements to transforming into powerful beings. However, it is true that once consumed, the player cannot swim and will eventually die if they enter the water.
In this section, we will explore in-depth the fruits available in Blox Fruits, their features, strengths, and how to make the most of their powers. We will provide detailed information about each fruit, including their special abilities, unlocking methods, locations, and recommended strategies for their use in battles. Get ready to dive into an ocean full of exotic fruits and discover what secrets and powers await you.Embark on this exciting adventure and unlock the potential of fruits in Blox Fruits to become the most feared and powerful pirate of all the seas!

Fruits Awakening: How to Awaken a Fruit?

Awakening typically refers to an advanced form or stage of a fruit’s abilities. When a player awakens a fruit, they unlock enhanced powers, new skills, and sometimes even change the fruit’s appearance. This process generally makes the fruit, and therefore the player wielding it, significantly more powerful.

Awakening a fruit in Blox Fruits usually requires the player to meet certain conditions, such as reaching a specific level, completing a difficult quest, or obtaining a certain amount of in-game currency or items that are necessary to unlock the awakened powers. The exact mechanics and requirements can vary, and they are often subject to updates and changes by the game developers.

  • Enhanced Abilities: Awakening a fruit can result in more potent attacks, improved defensive capabilities, or additional utility skills that were not available in the fruit’s base form.
  • New Skills: Along with enhancing existing abilities, awakening can provide completely new skills, which can open up different combat strategies and gameplay options.
  • Requirements: To awaken a fruit, players usually need to have reached a certain level of mastery with the fruit itself, which might involve using the fruit’s abilities a set number of times or achieving particular in-game milestones.
  • Game Progression: Some fruits may only be awakened as part of the game’s natural progression, often linked with the completion of certain quests or challenges that test a player’s skill and understanding of their fruit’s capabilities.

How and Where to Get Fruits ?

Below we will show you how and where to get fruits in Blox Fruits in the following table:

Main ways to obtain Blox Fruits:
Dealing the most damage in a Factory raid
Defending the Castle on the Sea from pirates and landing the final blow on the last enemy
Defeating the Brigade during the Ship Raid with a low probability
Collecting fruits that spawn every hour, or every 45 minutes during weekends
Buying a fruit from the Blox Fruit Dealer or the Blox Fruit Gacha

How do you find fruits in Blox fruits? Fruit Location

Fruits in Blox Fruits can be discovered in various ways. They can spawn randomly around the map, be dropped by defeated bosses, or be purchased from the in-game Fruit Dealer. The rarity and power of the fruit often determine the difficulty in obtaining it.

Where to get all fruits in blox fruits? Price & Value

Acquiring all fruits in Blox Fruits is an adventurer’s endeavor. Some fruits are commonly found on starter islands, while the rarer ones might require a journey to more dangerous locales or be earned through the game’s raid battles. A robust trading system also allows players to trade fruits with others, providing a social avenue to complete their collection.

Other ways to obtain Blox Fruits arbitrarily:
Buying a Permanent Blox Fruit from the Blox Fruit Dealer or the in-game store
Trading fruits at the Café or the Mansion
Receiving a Permanent Blox Fruit as a gift from a friend or another random player
Buying a Physical Blox Fruit from Wenlock in exchange for 97 Robux (Not recommended)
Finding or picking up a dropped Blox Fruit
Buying the “fruit notifier” game pass in exchange for 2700 Robux, which facilitates finding fruits

The Fruit Notifier

The Fruit Notifier is a special feature available in Blox Fruits known as Fruit Notifier. This valuable Game Pass, which is priced at 2700 Robux (offered at a promotional price of 1999 Robux during the Easter sale), was introduced with Update 4. Fruit Notifier has the function of notifying players about the appearance of fruits in the game, as well as the distance to the fruit in question (measured in meters) in case the player possesses the Game Pass.

Fruits in Blox Fruits [UPDATE 20.1] - All Fruits Guides + Info ⭐ (43)

Rarities of Fruits in Blox Fruits

Additionally, in Blox Fruits, we can find 5 rarities of Fruits in the game:

CommonThe most affordable fruits with the highest probability of appearing
UncommonCheap fruits
RareMedium-priced fruits
LegendaryExpensive fruit
MythicalVery expensive fruits with a lower probability of appearing

Currently in Blox Fruits in the Update 17.3.5, there are 35 fruits in the game, classified as follows:

  • 20 Natural Blox Fruits.
  • 10 Elemental Blox Fruits.
  • 5 Beast Blox Fruits.

There are also fruits that are currently unavailable in Blox Fruits, which are the following:

Fruits in Blox Fruits [UPDATE 20.1] - All Fruits Guides + Info ⭐ (44)Door

Fruits in Blox Fruits [UPDATE 20.1] - All Fruits Guides + Info ⭐ (45)String

Fruits in Blox Fruits [UPDATE 20.1] - All Fruits Guides + Info ⭐ (46)Soul

Fruits in Blox Fruits [UPDATE 20.1] - All Fruits Guides + Info ⭐ (47)Meme

Fruits FAQ in Blox Fruits

What is the best fruit in Blox fruits? Ranked & Worth

The title of ‘best fruit’ often goes to the one that offers a balance of power, speed, and utility. The Dragon Fruit was highly coveted for its transformative abilities and raw strength, making it a top pick for many high-level players.

What are all Blox fruits?

Blox Fruits are divided into Paramecia (natural), Logia (elemental), and Zoan (beast transformation) types. Each class includes fruits like the Flame Fruit, Ice Fruit, and Falcon Fruit, each with its own set of powers and abilities for players to explore.

Fruits in Blox Fruits [UPDATE 20.1] - All Fruits Guides + Info ⭐ (48)

More Info and Guides about Fruits in Blox Fruits

If you want to become an expert in Fruits in Blox Fruit, you need to keep the following in mind:

Information about fruits in Blox Fruits:
The fruits that drop will not disappear.
Once a player obtains a fruit, they cannot drop it.
Fruits purchased with Robux are permanent and can be equipped from the Blox Fruit Dealer or the Menu at any time, while fruits purchased with Money are not permanent.
You can remove your fruit by visiting the Remove Blox Fruit NPC located in the Prison in the First Sea and the Castle on the Sea in the Third Sea, although it is not recommended.
Permanent fruits can be traded like game passes. To do so, players need to select the “Save to Inventory” option in the “Gift” tab.
The mastery of a fruit will remain constant regardless of whether the fruit is replaced. The same applies to awakened moves, which can be changed with the Awakenings Expert NPC.
Players cannot trade permanent fruits or game passes that have already been used, just like with fruits that are currently equipped.
The arena takes double damage when submerged in water.
Smoke and Blizzard are the only two elemental fruits without an awakening.
Dough is the only mythical fruit with an awakening.
Being a member of Shark reduces damage received in water. Being V2 or higher cancels the damage.
Fruits in the Second Sea or Third Sea can be traded for certain items, events, or missions.
Buying a fruit with Money from the Blox Fruit Dealer will replace the currently equipped fruit.
If a player pulls out a stored fruit and someone kills them, they will lose the fruit, but the enemy will not obtain it.
Some fruits like Ice and Magma V2 allow users to walk on water, but this does not mean they ignore damage received from the sea, such as being pushed underwater.
The Buddha V2 Transformation is sufficient to not be completely submerged underwater when standing, canceling out sea damage unless also pushed underwater.
Many fruits have “F” moves that deal damage, such as Rumble, Venom, Shadow, Smoke, Blizzard, Dough V2, Magma, Leopard, Phoenix V2, Portal, Bomb, Rubber, and Buddha V2.
It would cost 49,255 Robux to buy all the permanent fruits, and 48,282,500 Money to buy all the fruits.
Including old or removed fruits, the new price would be 54,132,500 Money or even 55,005 Robux.
Most bosses from the First Sea to the Second Sea use the old versions of their fruits.
Don Swan is the only one who uses the Spider fruit with his updated set of moves.
Fruits in Blox Fruits [UPDATE 20.1] - All Fruits Guides + Info ⭐ (2024)


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