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Top Kids Games

Water Sort Puzzle
Pop It Master
Road to Royalty: Battle of Dolls
Baby Hazel Halloween Party
Baby Hazel Christmas Time
Sweet Baby Girl Cleanup Messy House
Fruit Doctor
Funny Bone Surgery
Funny Throat Surgery 2
Block Craft 3D
Feed Mypetdog Numbers
Baby Hazel Ice Princess Dressup
Spongebob Snail Park
Construction Set
Hello Kitty And Friends Restaurant
Dr. Panda School
Dotted Girl Coloring Book
My Manga Avatar
Dr. Panda Daycare
Dora and Friends Mermaid Treasure
Kids Coloring 3522 Plays
Water Sort Puzzle 647307 Plays
Find The Differences 36447 Plays
Block Craft 3D 92514 Plays
Sweet Baby Girl Cleanup Messy House 120486 Plays
Kris Mahjong 272874 Plays
Fruit Doctor 117414 Plays
Cute Coloring Games 2948 Plays
Burger Mania 49451 Plays
Hello Kitty And Friends Restaurant 67646 Plays
Pop It Master 384708 Plays
Smash DIY Slime Fidget Slimy 17643 Plays
Grandma Recipe Ramen 4456 Plays
Bts Fun Coloring 24138 Plays
Dr. Panda School 65115 Plays
Kids Bedroom Decoration 71944 Plays
Baby Hazel Christmas Time 179668 Plays
Pet Salon 2 5711 Plays
Road to Royalty: Battle of Dolls 271298 Plays
Funny Throat Surgery 2 95030 Plays
Cosmo Pet Starry Care 4868 Plays
Cross Stitch 2 Coloring Book 11727 Plays
Baby Hazel Halloween Party 187263 Plays
Construction Set 67809 Plays
Cute Pony Coloring Book 46083 Plays
Baby Hazel Ice Princess Dressup 73546 Plays
Dr. Panda Daycare 59756 Plays
Color Pixel Art Classic 55088 Plays
My Manga Avatar 60022 Plays
Color Snake 1 44622 Plays
Dotted Girl Coloring Book 63771 Plays
Spot 5 Differences 20516 Plays
Tom and Angela Insta Fashion 16215 Plays
Feed Mypetdog Numbers 76133 Plays
Heroball Run 19963 Plays
HelloKids Coloring Time 45128 Plays
Dora and Friends Mermaid Treasure 58538 Plays
Spongebob Snail Park 72221 Plays
Funny Bone Surgery 95910 Plays
Baby Adopter 24313 Plays
Baby Coloring Book 24022 Plays
Ear Clinic 32740 Plays
Yummy Churros Ice Cream 39311 Plays
Meow Meow Life 12458 Plays
Kids Zoo Farm 39649 Plays
Car Parts 28320 Plays
Baby Hazel Adventure Book 29409 Plays
Baby Bake Cake 16157 Plays
Ice Kingdom Coloring Book 31233 Plays
Kids Cute Pairs 49619 Plays
Baby Hazel Dressmaker Dressup 40965 Plays
Funny Kitty Dressup 19871 Plays
Dr. Panda Airport 28622 Plays
Funny Travelling Airport 11897 Plays
Princess Maid Academy 26208 Plays
Mini Coloring Book 29400 Plays
Hello Kitty and Friends: Finder 32751 Plays
Pop It Fidget Now 38284 Plays
Sweet Cats Coloring 44518 Plays
Shark Coloring Book 20120 Plays

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Play the best online games for kids at Kizi

At Kizi, you’ll find a huge selection of free online games! There’s lots of online gaming content available, but not all of it is suited for children. The content might not be sufficiently child-friendly, or the level of difficulty may simply be a little bit too high for kids to enjoy. This page contains a selection of children games that are suitable for younger kids to play. We've cute games featuring dinosaurs and zoo animals, and we offer a fun selection of coloring games. On this page, you’ll also find educational puzzle games such as jigsaw puzzles and spot-the-differences. Or how about our collection of amazing games featuring popular characters from children’s TV shows and animated movies? Have a browse and find the right games to keep your kids entertained.

A huge collection of free games for kids to play at different levels

A lot of our games for kids feature the option to select a difficulty level that is suited to the player. For instance, in our jigsaw puzzle games this allows you to set the number of puzzle pieces to play with. In our picture matching games, you can use the difficulty settings to select the number of cards. This way, you can make sure the level of play is always right: challenging enough to keep the game engaging, but not so difficult that it becomes discouraging.

All the best online kids games unblocked for mobile and tablet

Phones and tablets are a great way to keep children entertained, but gaming content is sometimes blocked on certain networks. At Kizi, you don’t have to worry about that inconvenience. Our unblocked games for kids are always accessible online, no matter where you are. Access the best gaming titles for kids whenever you want!

Kids Games - Play Free Online Games for Kids | Kizi (2024)


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